Hello everyone!

We are CrorkService, SEO agency from Europe, with more than 10 years of experience working in SEO field.

Most of you know about us from website Back in 2011 we registered on some freelancer platforms, including, uploaded couple of gigs and started to sell. 2011 was the raising year for SEO and online marketing and we got in the right time in the right place.

Our profile CrorkService was Top Rated Seller profile and leader in SEO niche. During our activity we delivered 200 000+ orders and received 117 000+ positive reviews with an average rate 4.9. Here is the screenshot, taken from our Fiverr profile:

Crorkservice on Fiverr


Unfortunately, this story didn’t last long. During last 3 months Fiverr introduced new updates in their system and tighten rules and requirements for sellers in SEO niche. Due to this, most Top Rated Sellers from this niche were affected and their accounts were disabled forever.

To our great regret, this did not pass us by and on 21st March, our account on was disabled without a possibility to be restored. We hope that our 7 years of experience as Fiverr Top Rated Seller won’t be ended here and we are still in business, strengthening our positions to overcome this unpleasant situation.

How the handle not finished orders on Fiverr:

In case you still have Active orders with CrorkService on Fiverr, please contact us on, we will assign you a Personal Manager, who will help you to solve any issues.

If you are an reseller or are using our services for your customers:

If you are a reseller, we recommend you to check out our site Here are offered similar services which were offered on Fiverr at lower price (without Fiverr commission).

Crorkservice SEO Agency:

If you are a business owner or webmaster and are interested in complex SEO services and strategies to attract more organic traffic and customers, write to:

You can also get our services on various freelancer platforms, such upwork, seoclerks, konker, 5bucks and kwork.

We are thankful to all of you who are with us and we promise that CrorkService won’t give up at this point.

Warm Regards,
CrorkService Team.