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Four Main Factors to Get Into the TOP-10 Google


It is known that the most reputable search engines such as Yandex and Google evaluate sites on more than 700 criteria. Modern methods of website promotion can not take them all. Therefore, 4 main factors of getting into TOP-3 are mainly used. They consist of a number of subcriteria that your resource must meet for successful rating growth.
We will talk about them in each of the following sections.

Internal site optimization as a way to promote
This includes a number of criteria:

  • unique content;
  • correct filling of title, description, H1, alt, etc .;
  • competent relink;
  • the presence of images, video and social network buttons;
  • the presence of key requests in the texts, their frequency and spamming.
  • In general, it means a very high-quality optimization of the device pages, which affects the methods of website promotion in search engines.

 External factors site promotion
This implies the so-called external optimization. It is achieved by increasing the link mass, the number of links on other sites that lead to your resource. At the same time, the following criteria are evaluated:

  • number of links;
  • the variety and number of web resources referenced;
  • the quality of the links (how authoritative are the resources on which they are placed);
  • are there links from web resources that are in the “black” list;
  • subject links and resource sources.

Search promotion methods are based on the fact that the more links from outside, the better the Internet resources on which they are placed, the greater the level of trust observed by search engines. Consequently, this will mean raising the rating.

Search Engine Behavioral Factors
At the same time, the behavior of users on the viewed pages is monitored.
These include:

  • time spent by the user on viewing pages;
  • depth of view (how many pages were viewed);
  • the number of users who visited the resource more than once;
  • bounce rate (single page view and quick exit).

The more user requirements can satisfy a web resource, the more useful it will be to consider the search engine.

Social factors and methods of SEO promotion
Search engines “know” how important social networks are for modern society. Therefore, when ranking sites they consider:

  • the number of likes and clicks on the "Share" buttons on the web resource pages;
  • the presence of groups in the soc. networks dedicated to this resource;
  • the correctness of these groups, the presence of regular posts in them, the number of their views by users;
  • authority of users of soc. networks that are socially active in relation to the site in question.

Social methods of website promotion are based on the capture of relevant social signals by search engines. In particular, they respond best to such signals with regard to fresh content. That is, in this way, you can easily and quickly promote in the TOP new pages and almost impossible old ones.

Consolidating the material covered
Most SEO specialists use website promotion methods that use 4 main factors for getting into TOP-3: internal, external, behavioral and social. Having carefully studied them and having worked your site for the most complete compliance with them, you can easily increase its rating. And this, in turn, will significantly increase the number of visitors who may become your potential customers.

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