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22 years ago, Google’s founders launched PageRank and forever changed the global web. In the following two articles, we will show 20 graphs to help you understand how...

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In the previous article, we wrote about Quality standards and factors which are taken into consideration by Google when ranking websites. In this article, we will continue this topic and will tell you about Low-Quality factors and ...

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Search engines have their own website quality standards. If the page does not meet the standard, all efforts to promote it will be in vain and will simply lose the budget. To avoid this, it is important to check the site for parameters that...

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In the previous article, we introduced you the Periodic Table of SEO Factors version 2019. In the new version, the weights of the actual ranking factors are recounted, new factors, verticals, as well as negative factors that should be avoided in every way have appeared.

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Specialists of the edition of Search Engine Land prepared a similarity to the Mendeleev table - “Periodic table of ranking factors” in 2011.

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