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Specialists of the edition of Search Engine Land prepared a similarity to the Mendeleev table - “Periodic table of ranking factors” in 2011.

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If you have chosen SEO promotion for your website, it is advisable to initially understand the principles of work of the search engines to obtain positive and desired results.

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It is known that the most reputable search engines such as Yandex and Google evaluate sites on more than 700 criteria. Modern methods of website promotion can not take them all.

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If you are the owner or developer of a new web resource or are just planning to create it, you should already think about how your site can get into the Google TOP. It is better to determine the necessary criteria for this as early as possible, in order to spend less effort in the future on reworking ready-made pages.

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Given the prevalence and availability of absolutely any information on the Internet, each owner of a web resource or a developer can promote the site to the TOP independently.

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