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The Importance of Internal Optimization for Effective SEO Promotion


In the previous article, we talked about the combination of on-page and off-page SEO techniques. This article will explain to you in details the importance of on-page SEO optimization and its key components.

A very large number of factors affect the ranking of the site. They can be combined into several groups. One of these groups are the factors of internal site optimization. It will not be enough just to buy links and wait until the site rises in the SERPs. In order to inspire confidence in Google and other search engines, you first have to make a website of high quality, deal with internal optimization, and only then start the off-page SEO optimization.

Competent internal optimization includes a list of components. You can work on them throughout the life of your business, and even this will never be enough. Below we will talk only about the most important points of on-site SEO optimization, without which your promotion will be meaningless and useless.
We look at the website not only through the eyes of the user but also through the eyes of search engines to determine what criteria in their eyes are indicators of quality.

Key components of internal optimization of website pages

1. Content Optimization.
Content includes everything that is on your site. This is not only about the text of articles, as many believe. These are all photos, videos, descriptions, etc. In a word, everything that gives information to the user about your site.
Search engines pay attention to how your content is:
- unique
- optimized
- useful

 2. Optimization of the site structure. Search engines monitor the correctness of the structure of your site. Whether the hierarchy is correctly created, how competently from the point of view of user experience are the requests and pages being promoted.

Thanks to the correct structure, the search robot can easily and quickly index all pages. If the structure is done incorrectly, your site can simply be "forgotten" for a long time, because if the robot could not figure it out quickly, then it will definitely be inconvenient for the user.

3. Title optimization. This is practically the main element of the internal optimization of the code of web pages. By crawling the title search engines understand what you are promoting on the page. Of course, there are other factors, but the title of the page is the most powerful argument for Google and other search engines. If we recall the impact of internal optimization on CTR, then the title should be put on one of the first places in the list of importance.
If users are interested in your title, they will see everything else on the website. If the title of the page does not meet certain criteria, no one will even click on your site. And then it will not matter how beautiful and comfortable you have done everything inside. The title is visible on the search engine ranking page and is vital for proper rankings.

4. H1 header optimization. Each page should have a heading that will consist of the most basic request/keyword that you are promoting on it. The title is needed by both search engines and users in order to determine the theme of the page and site. It is important to understand the basic rules for writing headings and stick to them. For example, you need to make sure that there is only one H1 header on the page.

The headings are a very important point of the internal optimization of the site and their proper use directly affects the positions in the search results.

5. H2 subheadings optimization. In addition to the title, subheadings affect the internal search engine optimization. Search engines take into account several factors: their presence, number, correct location, inclusion of keywords, topic and usefulness.
The rules for writing headings and subheadings are different, and this should be given enough attention. In each text, whether it is an article or text in any category of the site, there should be subtitles. This will significantly speed up the process of getting into the TOP.

Taking into consideration these 5 points, you will increase your chances of getting in the top of Google and other search engines.

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