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The Operation Principles of Search Engines


If you have chosen SEO promotion for your website, it is advisable to initially understand the principles of work of the search engines to obtain positive and desired results. This will help to build your own strategy of the optimization of your resource for the necessary search queries so that you get more chances to be on the first page of search engine results pages.

The main tasks of the Search Engines
1. Give the user the correct answer to the query entered in the search and thereby satisfy him in order not to give a reason to use a competing search engine. To do this, in the TOP 10 of the search should be the results as much appropriate to the user's request.
2. Provide monetization of traffic. That is, first of all, to give a result that will contribute to making a profit by the site owner, for example, using contextual advertising.

How does the search engine work?
Nowadays there are many search engines offered on the internet. Naturally, in each of them, the search is built on its own algorithms, but in general, the principle of operation of search engines is quite similar.

At that moment when you created the site and the bot of one of the search engines found out about it (as a result of buying links or in any other way), it “comes and starts to walk” on the pages.

The principle of operation of search robots is based on the implementation of several stages:
- Data collection. With the help of bots search engines collect the necessary information from all pages of the resource (texts, images, video, etc.).
These processes begin after the launch of the site and then occur according to the schedule drawn up by the robot. Due to this, from time to time there is an update on the pages for changes.
- Indexing - the assignment of a specific index to each page, which will allow a quick search through their contents.
From this point on, your resource or some of its pages can be displayed on the search engine pages for individual requests. On what page it will be shown depends on the level of its optimization.

The basic principles of ranking sites in search engines
To help your website to get a position in TOP 10 results, you need to know all the main criteria of search engines and try to optimize it so that it matches them. These criteria can be divided into two main groups:
- textual
- non-textual

Text criteria
In this case, the ranking of the site is based on an assessment of the quality of the text content of the pages. Working with them is done at the stage of creating the semantic core of the site and filling it with textual content.

It is assumed that the search engine displays on the first search page the results that most closely match the user's request. It means that their contents most closely match the necessary criteria and should satisfy it. At the same time, attention is paid to the correctness of filling in the title phrase (meta title), page description (meta description) and the presence of a key request in the headers (H1, H2, etc.).

Non-textual criteria
Working with them occurs after the site is published and indexed. The principles for determining the rating of Internet resources based on non-textual criteria are not based on an assessment of the quality of their content. They contain several other factors ranking the site - an external reference profile assessment.

The system works on the principle of counting the number of links to your resource, assessing the credibility of the linking resources, checking registrations in site directories.
You can draw an analogy with the conclusions about the quality of a particular product based on feedback from consumers, suppliers, sellers, etc.

Conclusions for those who create and promote websites
Having thoroughly studied the principle of the search engines and tracking innovations in them, you will learn how to create websites that will easily get to the first pages of search results. And the most important thing is that they will be able to stay in these positions for a long time since they will fully meet the demands of users.


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