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What is SEO and How it Can Help Your Business to Grow?


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This is the first article in our SEO blog. In this blog, you will find useful information about SEO, how it works, different instruments, effective mechanisms which were used during 10 years of activity of Crork SEO Agency and brought results, leads and clients to our customers.

Surely you have heard about the search engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Even if you are unfamiliar with these words, you know perfectly that there are search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others) that give users lists of sites in response to input requests (for example, "renting an apartment", "delivering meals to the office" or "hotels near Chicago"). When you search for something, some sites are showing in the top of results and some can be found only by scrolling through several pages.

Mainly search engine optimization (or, as it is also called SEO) serves to ensure that your site will show up in TOP of search engine ranking pages (or simply SERPs). Scientifically speaking, SEO is a set of measures to improve the website’s position in the results of search engines for certain queries.

Why does your company need SEO optimization?

If in the recent past the Internet was used primarily for information search, today the situation has changed a lot. The constant increase in the number of Internet users, new technologies (communication with the target audience via the website, the Internet payment system, the ability to order online, etc.) and many other factors have turned the Internet into a powerful marketing tool and a place for sales at the same time. For example, the boom of online stores definitely indicates that skillfully used Internet technologies bring stable profits to site owners.

Internet promotion can be effective for ALL companies whose potential audience is looking for similar products or services on the Internet. According to statistics, the number of Internet users is growing every year, and this audience is very attractive for business since it has high paying capacity. Think about thousands, and perhaps tens and hundreds of thousands of people every day are looking for your products, and find the products of competitors! And this is because more agile competitors have already taken the best places in search engines. You can also take these places - for this you need to start a search engine optimization of your website.

Why your website should be within Top 10 positions in search engines?

First, the top places in search engines can be compared with prestigious areas of the city. Usually, the client gets the first impression of the company before visiting the organization, having learned where it is located. The more prestigious the area, the more trust the customer has, and accordingly, the greater the chance that he will choose you. The stereotype works: if the firm is located in the very center of the city, then this firm is flourishing. Similarly, this stereotype works with SEO promotion. Sites in the TOP are, as a rule, the most respected sites.

Secondly, a good location attracts a much larger number of visitors. More than 95 percent of users will notice the sites located in the first ten positions (on the first page). If the search engine gives the company's website on the fourth page and beyond, then less than 2 percent of users have the patience to reach this page. Therefore, the higher the site is in the TOP 10, the more traffic it will have.

Why is it important to select the right keywords for your promotion?

Of course, SEO is a very effective way to attract customers, but with one caveat: it must be performed by professionals. And the point here is not about incorrect SEO, which might result in penalties to your website, but it is about the number of visitors which can increase a lot, but not convert into real buyers or loyal customers of your company. In order to get the best results from SEO promotion, you have to pick up the most suitable keywords and our specialists can help you to get the best list of keywords in the ratio of high requests per month and low or middle competitiveness.

Why the lack of SEO promotion might be harmful to your business?

There are situations when a user has already chosen several alternatives for himself and is inclined to contact your company and competing companies for more information. Then the user searches for sites or contacts of these organizations. Most will seek information on the Internet. And if the site is not SEO-optimized, then the user will simply not find information about the company on the Internet. Today's Internet user is extremely inpatient and not used to spend a lot of time searching. If he will not find you - he will go to your competitors, who optimized their website to be present in the search engine. You have to agree, it is very unpleasant to lose customers who already wanted to contact you but just could not do it.

It is quite obvious that for most companies, SEO is a necessary and effective marketing tool. Want to know how to use these tool properly? Subscribe to our SEO blog and receive interesting articles and effective SEO cases on your email.

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