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What is The Cost of SEO Promotion?


Very many site owners are interested in how much SEO promotion costs before finding an agency who will do this. At the same time, almost everyone is oriented towards saving money. Indeed, different specialists offer their services at quite different prices. But after all, the results, in the end, are also completely different.

How is the price of SEO services created?

In order to determine the cost of SEO promotion, you need to understand what this process consists of and what is included in the promotion of the site.
So, here are the main components that require certain costs:
1. Promotion strategy. 
It is expected that it takes some time, which is included in the cost of SEO. The amount of time and effort spent depends on the tasks that you set for the performer. How many customers do you want to get? 20 people per month or 200?

2. Compilation of the semantic core of the site. 
It implies the selection of requests for which your promotion is most profitable. This is quite resource-intensive stage, requires perseverance, attentiveness, the ability to analyze and a lot of time.

3. Creation and purchase of links for external optimization of your resource. 
The cost offpage promotion with the help of links can be divided into two components:
- Payment for the services of a specialist who will be engaged in procurement;
- Directly payment for the links to site owners.

4. Content writing. 
This component strongly influences how much site promotion costs. The level of professionalism of the team determines the quality of the texts with which it is necessary to fill pages. Content must be unique and easy to read, not only for search engines but also for visitors. These services must be paid accordingly.

5. Technical support. 
You will definitely need a programmer who will work on the site in accordance with the recommendations of the SEO specialist. Having a good programmer in the agency staff has a significant effect on how much SEO promotion costs.

6. Social Media Management.
To reach a large portion of the target audience, you will have to think about promotion in social media networks as well. You need a team consisting of content manager, designer, and targeting specialist, who will take care of the reputation of your company in social networks and will attract leads through advertising and attractive content.

Now you can imagine how much work needs to be done and how many specialists are needed for this. Payment for their work is the price of SEO optimization, not speaking about taxes, office rent, bills and so forth.

How much is a high-quality SEO website promotion?

The amounts that are spent on it can vary quite substantially. SEO price depends on:
- the level of professional skills of specialists;
- the fame of the agency and the number of its positive reviews;
- the guarantees that it gives;
- the level of competitiveness of the site;
- the vastness of audience coverage (city, country or the whole world).

As a result, in most cases, the price of SEO can not be stable, it is calculated in each case, taking into account many factors.
But if you are offered services for $ 20–30 per month, do not make this mistake. If you agree to such conditions, you will lose hundreds of dollars before you realize that you do not get any results, or even worse, will damage your site's reputation.

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