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Numerous studies and polls show that more than 70% of customers make a purchase decision based on advice, opinion and comments from other people.
Reviews are the emotions of buyers from your product/service and they are not for you, but for your potential customers.


Purpose of reviews:
- Confirm the need, arouse interest to learn more about the product.
- Increase confidence in the company. Even negative feedback can be turned in your favor if you react to it correctly.
- They work for your reputation. Positive reviews indicate the optimal combination of service, quality, assortment and price.
- Help to increase the number of customers and profit, as they reach hundreds of people viewing the product.


In this service, we will write reviews about your product or service as real buyers and customers. If you want to take a leading position in the market and strengthen your good reputation, our service is especially for you!


* Please tell us if you need more than 100 reviews
** We will write reviews for you! You can give us instructions for reviews, what you want to see and etc.


*** Reviews are made one at a time every day until we complete the total number of reviews you ordered. If you order a package of 30 or more reviews, then we will make 1-2 reviews daily. This is done to make them look natural and to achieve better results. Also, you're able to specify how many reviews you’d like to get per day.

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Deadline 10 days
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