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Social Media Traffic

Get high quality social media traffic for your site, prepared special for you from CrorkService


In this service you will receive traffic from top social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus


In total you will get about 5000 visitors during 10 days, which means that your site will receive about 500 visits every day.
Visits will be allocated for the whole day, so every hour you will receive new visits.


You can check visitors in Google Analytics - Traffic Sources - "Social"
Users will surf on the site and will look on different pages of your website.


- Trackable in Google Analytics
- 100% Adsense safe
- Low Bounce Rate (15-20%)
- Best for SEO, SMO and SEM
- USA Traffic


You can give only 1 url per order.

Deadline is 7 days, this means that traffic for your website will start in 3-5-7 days.


By default visitors will be from USA (90-95%)
You have an option to choose another country: USA only, USA + Europe, North America, USA + Asia, USA + Oceania


We don't allow for orders adult sites, redirect or adfly links, signup and affiliate links, Youtube videos.


Let us know, if you have any questions.

Category Traffic
Deadline 7 days
Price from $5.00


Products Products
500 visitors per day for 10 days
~7 Days
1000 visitors per day for 10 days
~7 Days
1600 mix visitors per day (1000 visitors from social network, 600 visitors from search engines) for 10 days
~7 Days

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Great! I’m still waiting to see my traffic though.


Great job!


not bad!


GREAT SERVICE, what more do you need?

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