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Web 2.0 Mini Sites

Web 2.0 are blogs that are hosted on free sites with a certain amount of thematic content. Their main feature is that any link profile can be diluted with links taken from free blogs, which can be easily manipulated. In this way, you can also promote pages where the links of your site are located.


This service has been popular for many years due to its proven effectiveness and positive impact on the website's positions. Creating and maintaining web 2.0 blogs using quality content is a must-have for a successful promotion. But sooner or later any resource will be exhausted, especially bearing in mind that almost every site owner has already done or ordered web 2.0 creation services.


Therefore, we decided to create a new service based on web 2.0 and this is Web 2.0 mini sites!


We will make for you web 2.0 mini-sites which will look like a separate website created especially for your service or product. 


Each mini-site will include:
- Home page with a unique written article
- About us page
- Links page
- Gallery page
- Contact us page
- Privacy Policy page


We will write unique content for all site’s pages and all work will be done manually.
In the report, you will get all links created, login/password credentials, which means that you will become the owner of these mini-sites and will be able to update/refresh the content each time you want.


Now you can save money on building new websites, buying hosting or domain names, Web 2.0 mini websites can cope with any task, be it promoting a service, product, or company on the Internet.


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5 Web 2.0 Mini Sites
~20 Days
10 Web 2.0 Mini Sites
~20 Days
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~20 Days

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