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Wikipedia is truly considered one of Google’s favorite resources. This website is universal, used worldwide, popular among users and contains content in more than 285 languages, the fact that makes it one of the best sources to get a backlink on and increase the authority of your website.


Why a backlink on Wikipedia is a must-have for you? Because the website has a high Domain Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow, which will lead to relevant traffic to your website.


How does it work?
We will find an existent article that is relevant for your niche and will include a backlink to your website. You can get a link inside the article or in the description of a file.


From you, we need only URL and keyword. 
We don’t accept Adult websites.

Category Social Media
Deadline 6 days
Price from 29.00$


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Wikipedia link from article
~10 Days
Wikipedia link from file description
~6 Days

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Thats excellent guys.

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