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Why you Need to perform a SEO audit?

Algorithm Changes

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to provide better search results, and you need to be aware of these changes so you can adjust to your website’s content accordingly.

Professional view

Apply our suggestions and tips to your project and improve the quality level of your website on search engines. We will provide recommendations to help you propel traffic, drive leads, and increase revenue.

Website Errors

It is important to make sure your site does not have any error messages or broken links. Performing the audit will expose the errors, thus enabling you to redirect them and recover lost traffic.

Webmaster’s Guidelines

Popular webmaster tools from Google and Bing are constantly changing. You need to make sure you are compliant.

Titles and Meta Data

Title tags and meta descriptions are the first thing visitors will read about you when you show up in search results. It is critical that they are relevant to the content of the site.

Outdated Content

You may have content on your site that is outdated. It’s important to not only provide relevant but also fresh content to search engines, and give them a reason to come back. If people are not visiting or re-visiting your website during 6 months, reevaluate the content or get rid of it.

How It Works & What You Get

Sign up

Sign up for a Free 10-Day Trial. We start with a Skype conversation to better understand your business and marketing goals. We will analyze a specific set of SEO best practices, and describe them using an easy-to-understand report system.

Get the Report

You will get access to a convenient Google doc file which will be daily updated with new audit info. You will receive a comprehensive SEO Audit Report which reviews the state of SEO on your website and what needs to change so that the performance of the website in search engines is improved.

What You Get

Our SEO audit addresses: Organic History, Site Architecture / Accessibility, Index Analysis, Backlinks Analysis, Usability / Speed, Off-Page Elements, Local Search Elements and Business Listings, Content Analysis, On-Site Technical Recommendations and Comprehensive list of SEO Recommendations

Make The Changes

You can benefit from a SEO Audit even if you have done one in the past! Algorithms and weighted factors shift over time. It’s critical to conduct a technical audit of your website periodically, in order to spot unexpected issues that may have cropped up without your knowledge.

«Ultimate» Package

After the Free 10-Day Trial you’ll be able to go further with us. Your membership will be automatically renewed at our monthly rate for the "Ultimate" package. You will get our Most Powerful Package Ever for just $247.

Enjoy The Results

Crorkservice SEO Audit and Ultimate package are fabulous services that provide in-depth analysis, great recommendations, and powerful SEO tools that will bring your website to the Google Top!


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Why Choose Crorkservice?


The Cororkservice team of Internet Marketing Consultants have analysed and successfully conducted search marketing campaigns for Tens of Thousands of websites, ranging from small businesses up to big brands.


We have been applying the best practices for years, with brought results to both established and new projects. We will help you develop strategic plans based on a thick layer of experience. Our experience grows daily as we keep up with the industry trends and ever-evolving white hat tactics.


We don’t just show you data, we present you the results we achieve through our collaborative efforts. We work every day to reach the rankings, traffic, leads, and sales goals you set for yourself as part and crafter of your business.


We don’t follow the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach! Every website is thoroughly analyzed, and each project plan is based on a well thought strategic approach to your specific goals.


Thousands of websites reached the heights never expected by their owners. We helped business owners achieve the results they dreamed of for years. Our client showcase speaks for itself.


Our reports are transparent and comprehensive. You are always aware of the impact of each dollar you invest in the service we provide. Every action is presented to you so you can keep track of our work.


Finding a similar price-value ratio such as ours on the market will turn out to be in vain. Our team, processes, and collaboration with you deliver exceptional value based on our competitive pricing.


Our team is not just a bunch of employees. Every single person is a passionate expert who had spent years polishing the skills and knowledge that will now be used to grow your profits.


We work without delays. Deadlines are always met and there is always someone available to answer your questions. You get your reports on time and the processes work like clockwork.

There are many more reasons to choose Crorkservice. If you’re interested in our Free SEO audits, contact us today to discover how our SEO consulting services can help your site visibility and increase organic traffic.

60-Days MoneyBack Guarantee

We offer Money Back Guarantee. If you come across bad links, we will refund you $50. If you do not get all the reports, or you don't get an increase in your rankings after 45 days, we will provide you a Full Moneyback!
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